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Resource Hacker 5.1

Resource editor for 32bit and 64bit Windows® applications
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Resource Hacker is a freeware application to edit windows compiled files as DLL, EXE, CPL, etc, 32-bit. You can add / delete / view / rename / modify existing resources in a file using this great piece of software. You don’t need to install it, simply extract the files and run the software. It also doesn’t make any entry in Registry!

When you open a supported file in Resource Hacker, it shows various directories in the left-side pane. You can view any resource embedded in the file. Simply expand the directory and click on the name of the resource (each resource contains 3 parts: Type, Name, and Language).

With Resource Hacker you can "manipulate" them, simply select the resource, click on Action and select Replace Icon/Cursor/Bitmap. It’ll open a new window, click on Open file with new Icon/Cursor/Bitmap button, select the desired resource in the OPEN dialog box and click on Open button and then Replace. Seems complicated? It doesn't!

With other resources it is a little bit different; Click on Action and select Replace Other Resource. It’ll open a new window, click on Open file with new resource button, select the file and click on Open button. Now you should give the required information for this resource (Do you remember? Type, Name, Language). In Type, give the type of resource; that is, if you are replacing an AVI file, then give the type as AVI. In Name, give the exact name of the existing resource. In Language, give the Locale ID for the language you want, finally click on the Replace button.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Free
  • No installation
  • No register entries


  • No more development since 2002
  • No support
  • A little outdated for XP, too much outdated for Vista
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